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Our Story

Hello and welcome - I'm Jody Day, the founder of Gateway Women and as I've always been a bit of a secret geek I was one of the first to create an online community on the Google+ platform when it launched in 2012. It took off immediately and I'm incredibly proud to say that over the over the last 7 years it's become known and loved as one of the most trusted, well-moderated, kind and confidential spaces for childless women to find support, understanding and friendship online.

We outgrew the G+ platform a long time ago and behind the scenes have been trialling various alternative for ages - which is why we're so excited to welcome you here to our new home on Mighty Networks!

We'll still be the only ID-checked membership community for childless women with all the features and topics you love, but in addition, there's going to be some great new stuff. I really look forward to welcoming you and showing you around. 

And if you have any questions or problems and want to get hold of me directly, you can get me at

What's new

As well as what you've come to rely on from our much loved and trusted Google+ Community, our new home is going to offer so much more...

All our communities in one place including the main GW Community, Nomo Tribe, The 'Living the Life Unexpected' Reading Group, Alumni Groups for graduates of the Plan B Programmes, etc. We'll also be able to easily grow new special interest groups, for example, Travel Buddies and an HR Huddle. 

Unlimited topics to create discussion spaces and the ability to only follow those that relate to you. So for example, you'll be able to select all topics and see everything posted, or just those that apply to you at the moment, creating a customized experience that works for you, whatever stage you're at. Thus you can select/deselect from all the topics you're already familiar with such as Grief, Relationships, Infertility, Pets, etc, as well as many additional ones we're now able to add such as Workplace & Career, Childless Christians, Childless by Relationship, Creatives Corner, Childless by Circumstance, Travel, Childless Stepmothers, etc. 

Find members near you enabling you to create local connections or find each other when you're travelling. This will also make creating events and meeting up in person so much easier than using Meetup! (You can also disable this 'location sharing' feature if you wish.)

Live chat with online members so that you can have real-time connection and support when you need it. And as we have members all around the world, there's bound to be someone online as you chat either individually or as a group. Finally an end to the hit and miss private messaging of both G+ and Meetup! 

Find and create live events easily including those organised by Gateway Women such as Jody's public talks and the GW Reignite Weekends, as well as local, in-person get-togethers. Meeting other Gateway Women via Meetup can be a bit hit-or-miss but this way you'll have a chance to get to know each other online first. 

A monthly 'Fireside Chat' with Jody which will be a member-only live group chat with Jody for you to get support with any challenge you are currently experiencing. 

Online Courses exclusive to our community such as the one that Jody is creating to support those working through her book 'Living the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfilling Future Without Children'. In the future, it will also become the home for the next intake of Jody's 'Online Bee' - her 12 month Plan B Mentorship Program.

Clear member guidelines to enable our community to continue to be the safe and non-judgemental space you've come to trust and we've set these out in an easily accessible online document.  

Sensitive and skilful moderation has been a hallmark of our community and we will continue to keep a clear and compassionate eye on everything that's posted, as well as a new 'one-click' way of reporting any posts or comments that you feel uncomfortable with.

A well-designed app so that you can enjoy all the functions and benefits of Gateway Women on the move, including being able to find each other by location on your phone. (This option can also be disabled).

Document uploads directly to the community thus enabling us to share documents and information privately and safely such as our Christmas card address lists, and also work on projects and ideas together. 

We're just tinkering around under the hood of the MightyNetwork platform and we're so impressed with what we've found and there are more great developments coming online all the time. Come and take a look around - your first month is free. 

Join us

Whether you're new to Gateway Women or have been with us from the beginning, please join us as we continue to create the very best online experience to support you through and beyond the heartbreak of involuntary childlessness. 

First month free, then GBP£10 per month/ GBP£100 annually. 
All currencies supported and converted automatically. Bursary memberships available after your free month ends.  We understand that childlessness turns your life upside-down, and this can include your bank balance too! If you are experiencing financial hardship for any reason you are welcome to apply for one of our free bursary memberships when your one-month trial ends. We also have £5 per month 'Alumni Memberships available for our long-standing members who don't feel that they need to access the support of the community very often these days, but would like to contribute financially to keep it going and 'pay it forward'. If this is you, please let us know before the end of your free one-month trial and we'll adjust your membership level by emailing Jody at

Transitioning existing members from our existing Google Communities can join using a special link which avoids the ID check. For more info on that, and other transition support issues please see this guide.

ID-checking: If you're new to Gateway Women, you'll need to clear our manual ID-check process before we can open our doors fully (something we do to keep the space free of parents, men and fertility-spammers) and thus may take 24-72 hours. If you've applied to join and want to check your application status, please email us at and we'll get back to you asap.

Membership requirements The Gateway Women online community is only for women who are involuntarily childless, for any reason at all. It is not suitable for you if you are childless by choice (childfree), trying to conceive (TTC), planning or going through fertility treatments or considering/going through the adoption process. There are lots of other great online groups that would be a better fit for you and you can explore our list of resources here.

Privacy: Gateway Women understands how private and sensitive childlessness is and we take very good care of your data. You can read more about Gateway Women's privacy policy here, and the overall policy of Mighty Networks here.  Please note that by requesting membership of our online community you will be added to our mailing list, you can request to be removed from this by emailing us at or by clicking unsubscribe in the monthly update email. 

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at for membership admin, Chargebee help or technical support. Don't be shy - we don't bite and we do understand how scary it can feel to reach out for the first time around this...

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