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You're not alone anymore; Welcome to your Tribe.

Hello and welcome - I'm Jody Day, the founder of Gateway Women and the author of Living the Life Unexpected and I'm incredibly proud to welcome you to the only ID-checked online community for permanently involuntarily childless women in the world. 

Over the last 8 years, we've built a reputation for being a trusted, kind, creative and confidential space for childless women to find support, understanding and friendship online.

If you're a new member, welcome; we know what a big deal it is to join... so many of us have lost our sense of safety in a group of women, whether online or in real life, and we will take very tender care of you. If you're an old member returning because life's thrown you a curveball, you know we'll support you through it, and I hope you'll love all the new features, events and subgroups we now offer!

Any questions before joining, please email us at and either Jody or Karin will get back to you. .

Is this the right community for me?

Membership requirements The Gateway Women online community is for women who are permanently involuntarily childless, for any reason at all. It is not suitable for you if you are childless-by-choice (childfree) or still hopeful of creating a biological or adoptive family in some way either on your own or with a partner. If this describes your situation, there are some other online groups that might be a better fit for you right now and you can explore our list of resources here.

Cost Our community is free to join for the first month, after which we charge GBP£10 per month (all currencies accepted and automatically converted). We also offer reduced memberships and payment holidays for any member who needs our support - we have always done so and continue to do so during the pandemic. Gateway Women is not funded by any public or private organisation and operates as a not-for-profit. We are not a wealthy organisation and we are entirely supported by our members. If you would like to request support with your membership fees now, or at any time in the future, please email us confidentially at:

ID-checking: If you're new to Gateway Women, you'll need to clear our manual ID-check process before we can open our doors fully to you (something we do to keep the space free of parents, men and fertility-spammers) and this may take 24-72 hours. If you've applied to join and want to check your application status, please email us at and we'll get back to you asap (timezones permitting).

Privacy: Gateway Women understands how private and sensitive childlessness is and we take very good care of your data. You can read more about Gateway Women's privacy policy here, and the overall policy of Mighty Networks here.  Please note that by requesting membership of our online community you will be added to our mailing list, you can request to be removed from this by emailing us at or by clicking unsubscribe in the monthly update email. 

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at for membership admin or technical support and either Jody or Karin will get back to you. Don't be shy - we don't bite and we do understand how scary it can feel to reach out for the first time around this...

What's inside?

Gateway Zoom Cafes  - live, moderated group weekend group zoom chats for members only. Such a lovely way to 'put a face to the names' of those women that you are likely to form some lifelong friendships with.

Happy Hour Live Chats – friendly, live, informal, moderated text chats on regular days/times each week. A great way to get to know other members informally.

Trigger Days Support Chats – live, round-the-clock moderated support chats on key days such as Mothering Sunday, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Holidays.

Special Interest Subgroups including: Jody's Reading Group for those working through her book Living the Life Unexpected; Single Life for our unpartnered members; Nomo Tribe for our members who have 'moved on'; the world's only Childless LGBTQIA+ group and one for Women of Colour too; a Book Club as well as a Writer's Group; a group to support our GW Meetup Hosts; one to support members Living with Chronic Illness/Disability as well as those Healing from Trauma, or exploring what it means to be both an HSP and childless. Groups for our Entrepreneurial/Freelance Members and those looking for a Travel Buddy.  And not forgetting our groups in French, German, Spanish and Dutch!

Discussion Group Topics are not confined to the selected subgroups above, we also have topics that cover most of the issues that we're dealing with on a day to day basis such as:
Grief & Loss; Dealing with Other People; Being a Childless Stepmother; Childlessness & Faith; Health & Wellbeing; Pets; Workplace & Career; Friendships, etc!

Clear member guidelines to enable our community to continue to be the safe and non-judgemental space members have come to trust, backed up by sensitive and skilful moderation. 

A well-designed MightyNetworks app go to your App store and search for 'Mighty Networks' to download it, or click the link below. We recommend getting to know the community on a computer if possible so that you can see all the features, but having the app to stay in touch on the go is great!

Any questions? Email us at and either Jody or Karin will get back to you!

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